10: Leadership Insights: Navigating Career Success with Gillian Fox

In this week's episode of Style and Strategy I sit down with Gillian Fox, a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. Gillian shares insights from her extensive experience driving gender diversity initiatives and leadership development strategies.

Gillian is the creator and lead of the Rise Accelerate and Rise Elite programs, dedicated to empowering women in their career journeys. With a background as a senior executive at News Corp and Pacific magazines. she's committed to guiding women towards success by helping them unlock their potential and navigate their professional paths.

Key points

  • Gillian's unexpected entry into the media industry and her rapid rise through the ranks, managing large teams and spearheading growth initiatives at leading organizations.
  • Gillian shares two significant lessons from her career journey: the importance of learning to say no assertively and the realization that what got you to a certain level won't necessarily get you to the next.
  • The intrinsic link between personal style and personal brand, and how Gillian used clothing and styling to project confidence and professionalism throughout her career.
  • Gillian offers three key pieces of advice for mid to senior-level professionals: Own your career, learn to speak up eloquently, and focus on building business and strategic acumen.
  • Gillian reminisces about two memorable outfits from her career, including a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress that served as her confidence boost during her magazine days and a Colette Dinnigan dress that became her go-to outfit for professional events.
  • Gillian's journey exemplifies the power of personal branding, strategic thinking, and confidence in achieving career success. Her insights and advice provide actionable strategies for women looking to navigate their professional paths and unlock their full potential.

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