Helping professional career women align their personal brand and style with their professional aspirations.

Sonya, Your Personal Brand and Style Coach  


Ways to Work with Me

Personal Brand and Styling Services

Ready to radiate confidence that matches your career success? Whether you're conquering new milestones, aiming for that next promotion, or simply tired of the "closet full, nothing to wear" dilemma, let's chat.

Hi there, I'm Sonya, your Personal Brand and Style Coach based in Sydney. I specialise in guiding women in business and professional services, unlock their unique style, and silencing that inner self-doubt. From tailored one-on-one styling sessions to comprehensive wardrobe overhauls, empowering group coaching, and enlightening masterclasses, my services are designed to cater to your preferences, be it in-person or virtually.

Imagine curating a closet that resonates with your identity, exudes your professionalism, and amplifies your success. Picture starting each day with unwavering confidence, fueled by a wardrobe that's a true reflection of YOU.

So, what's holding you back? Let's start this journey together, where we'll craft a personal brand that demands attention, a style that captures your essence, and a narrative that's uniquely yours.

Ready to elevate your presence and unlock the power of your personal brand? Reach out today, and let's turn your style into a statement. 

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Personal Styling Services


Ascend. The Ultimate Brand & Style Immersion

A transformative 1-1 experience designed to elevate your personal brand & style and embrace your authentic influence at work and home.

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Brand and Style Masterclasses 

Specialist Masterclasses and workshops held virtually and face to face covering topics such as Personal Style, Personal Branding and Confidence through style. Register for the next available session below.   Custom Corporate workshops available on request. 

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Activate. The Elevated Brand & Style Blueprint

Create an effortless wardrobe for women who want to confidently take back control of their style. A 10-week group brand and style program.

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Client Success Stories

“I wanted to thank you for today. I had a great time and I finally have clarity around and can now let go of pieces that no longer suit me. I have been past my wardrobe 6 times since you left and I love it, I cant stop looking at it! Getting dressed just got easier, thank you.”

— Kat, Frenchs Forest 

“Thank you for helping me to see that I don’t have to be young to still feel youthful. After years of searching, you have finally given me the confidence to wear skirts and I feel so confident. I would never have pushed my style boundaries before you.”

— Gina, North Sydney

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Why Work With Me

Why Choose Me? Because I've Walked in Your Shoes

I've walked the path you're on right now. Balancing a demanding professional career while nurturing a family, I understand the time constraints and the feeling of always putting yourself last. But here's the thing – I've mastered the art of combining speed, functionality, and style, ensuring your outfits align with your dynamic lifestyle.

Prioritising You is My Priority

My commitment? Prioritising YOU. Clothes are more than fabric – they're tools of self-expression, and I'm dedicated to ensuring they resonate with your true self. By diving deep into your preferences, aspirations, and personality, I curate experiences that are uniquely tailored to reflect the authentic essence that is YOU.

Your Styling Journey: Education and Empowerment

As your Personal Brand and Style Coach – your partner in empowerment. My mission is to educate and empower you. Much like a personal trainer helps you attain your fitness goals, I guide you through the intricate landscape of personal branding and styling. From mastering foundational principles to keeping you inspired and motivated, I'm here to ensure your journey towards your style aspirations is seamless and transformational.

You're ready.

Join me and let's create a transformative brand & style journey together.

Discover the confidence and impact that comes from expressing your true self through your personal style.


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