hey, i'm sonya.

 “My focus is to help you find your signature brand and style, that aligns to your next level of success.”

Meet Sonya

Passion, enthusiasm, and making the complex simple is what I am all about.  This wasn't always the case.

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and sacrificing authenticity to meet expectations. A decade ago, I walked in uncomfortable shoes, climbing the corporate ladder in fitted suits, barely holding it together, trying to be someone that I was not. Finding my own personal brand and style has been a journey but one that was worth the wait. 

Having witnessed the pivotal role of style and personal branding in accelerating careers, navigating body changes, and balancing personal lives, my mission is clear. I empower professional career women to unlock their next level of success through the transformative power of personal brand and style, allowing them to step confidently into their world.  Freeing you from uncertainty on your personal brand and style, providing a path to clarity, confidence, and impactful self-expression.

With over 25 years of experience in change, transformation and leadership coaching, I've successfully guided women in elevating both their personal and professional lives. As a Certified Personal Brand Strategist, Certified Fashion Stylist and ex-corporate executive with an MBA in Technology, my approach blends strategic transformation with a deep passion for empowering clients to maximise their impact and boost confidence through our sessions.

I work with women through personalised 1-1 and group experience programs in both a face-to-face and virtual formats. Encompassing personal brand and style coaching, confidence workshops, professional and corporate styling. In every client experience, my goal is to craft an unforgettable experience that crafts a strategic vision for your brand and style that empowers you to make confident choices.

As a mum of three, a coffee enthusiast, and a sneaker lover. I understand the challenges of balancing it all, and I'm here to guide and support you on your unique brand and style journey.



Personal Brand & Styling Services


Ascend. The Ultimate Style Immersion

A 4 week transformative 1-1 experience designed to elevate your personal style and embrace your authentic influence at work and home.

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Masterclasses and Group Workshops

Specialist Masterclasses virtually and face to face covering topics such as Personal Style, Personal Branding and Confidence through style.

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Activate. The Elevated Style Blueprint

Create an effortless wardrobe for women who want to confidently take back control of their style. 6-week Group Style Coaching Program and course.

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