Christmas Day Dressing

In what seems to creep up very slowly every year and then suddenly after Halloween, in a blink of an eye Christmas is almost here.  This year, no lockdowns or restrictions, it's back to what we have known, family, friends, an abundance of food, good conversations and of course an opportunity to dress up to celebrate!

Whether you spend Christmas at a restaurant, a traditional lunch or the quintessential iconic seafood BBQ.  Finding the right outfit can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you want those pieces to be versatile enough to transition through the seasons.

So, whether you are a savvy statement piece shopper or on the relaxed end of the scale here are my top 4 tips for selecting your outfit for Christmas day.

1.Know Your Dress Code

Knowing what you will be doing on the day will help guide what end of the scale from formal to casual you will need to be prepared for. Being clear on this will help to narrow down your outfit options. 

2. The Comfort and Confidence Factor 

This is what I call, knowing Your Signature Style. It’s the pieces, colours and styles that always make you feel the most comfortable and confident in, when you wear them. Select your outfit using this as a guide. You don’t want to be pulling at a top all day or unable to run after the kids because of your outfit. 

3.Outfit functionality 

One of the most beloved outfits on Christmas Day in Australia is the dress. With so many options available from casual to formal, you can't go past this piece every season.  Take special note of the fabric, cut and colour. Natural fibres linens and cottons blends will keep you cool during the heat.  The right selections here can make the dress turn in to a show stopper and take you from season to season with an addition of a blazer or cardi. 

4.Sparkle Factor

It is after all Christmas! A little sparkle can do wonders for both an outfit and your complexion, which is helpful if the lead up has been slightly chaotic . If you haven’t yet experimented with a pop of colour and a little sequin yet, now is your chance. With the cross over of sequin from day to night it’s so much easier to take that piece from casual to dressy with a change of shoe and little denim. 

With so many beautiful local stores across the region, your breadth of choice is vast. Keeping in mind these 4 tips will help you pick that perfect Christmas Day outfit. 

If you need a little help along the way, drop me a note and reach out for a complimentary consult and lets make the journey easier, together. View my personal styling services here.

Published in Kirsten Accomodation Magazine: December 2022

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