Holiday Packing Tips

Summer Holiday Packing 

The smell of freshly cut grass and sunscreen, the drum of cicadas and a car filled to the brim, are all the sights and sounds that remind me of summer holidays. 

Everything slows down, and finally you get to appreciate the little things even more.  Summer holiday dressing is one of my favourites, why? The rainbow of colours and fabrics available in dresses, shorts, shirts, singlets and pants. From bright and bold to soft gelato pastel there is something for everyone.   

Did you know on average we spend around 45 mins to 2 hours packing for holidays?  I am sure you have much more inspiring things to do than spend time packing, so here are my top tips to make maximum use of the time you have.

1. Create a schedule 

What? Yes really. A quick simple schedule will be your best friend and save you from those moments of stress when you feel like you have nothing to wear from the items packed.  Keep it simple, note the days and activities you have on Morning, Lunch, Dinner. 

2. Ask yourself questions

What’s the plan whilst on holidays? Relaxing by the pool everyday, exercising, dinners, theme parks, or hiking? How many days will you be away? Any events?

3. Create a mini capsule

Once you are clear on steps 1 and 2, then you can finally step into your wardrobe to start packing. This is the fun part, building your outfits to create that mini travel capsule. For a summer trip away I recommend packing at least 3x tops, 1x pair of pants,1x shorts, 1x dress, 1xJacket, 1x lightweight knit, 1xsunhat, 1xbelt, swimmers,1x kaftan/scarf 1x sandals, 1xwedge/heel, 1x sneakers.  Athleisure wear (optional).  

4. Remember to keep cool when mixing and matching

Colour pallet and fabric selection are my two core considerations when selecting the type of item to pack.  Here, I recommend sticking to a consistent colour palette, e.g red, white, navy or soft muted tones.  It will make mixing and matching those outfits so much easier. For fabric selection, given the heat, breathable fibres is another important consideration.  Think about cottons, chambray, rayon, linens or any fabric with good wicking qualities like bamboo.

By following these steps, you will be able to spend more time enjoying your destination and less in front of the suitcase.  If you have an event you need some assistance with or advice around packing please reach out I would love to help, take a look at my online services for more information here. Happy holidays. 

Published in Kirsten Accomodation Magazine: January 2023

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash

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