What does Interview dressing post Covid look like?

So, we have finally started to move on from COVID lockdowns, and you can see the shift back into offices. However, there is a difference in the air. Most offices have moved to some form of hybrid working arrangements and business casual has now become the norm across many offices. What does this actually mean when it comes to interview dressing? 

What we do know is the fundamentals of dressing for an interview hasn’t changed. It is really important to ensure you ask these questions before arriving at your interview. 

  1. Is there a dress code or minimum requirement? 

  2. Is the role client facing or internal only?

  3. Will the interview be held face to face or virtual

  4. Finally and most importantly What do you want to represent, what is your personal brand

When you know the above it will make it easier to work out what to wear.

Business casual interview dressing doesn’t mean that the suit goes out the window. It’s just a different take. For an interview, still think about your structured pieces, eg a blazer to elevate your look, paired back with something you feel comfortable and confident in. If it is via zoom, your focal point will be upwards so colour, framing your face and accessories will be important. Here are some of my favourite examples.

  • A great dress paired with a blazer;  

  • Skinny pant, oversized striped boyfriend shirt, with a blazer or trench

  • Wide leg pant, fitted T and a blazer with interest;

  • Chinos, navy/checked sports jacket / blazer, light blue shirt, no tie;

  • Fitted suit pant, checked shirt, belt, lightweight knit and blazer.

If the role is in a more corporate environment, then you need to consider shifting to more structured pieces and working with tonal colours  to elevate your look. 

Stylist Tips: 

  1. Watch the florals and geometric patterns if your interview is online as these can be distracting, taking the focus off you;  

  2. Colours use them wisely;

  3. Fit is king before everything else, ensure if wearing suiting that jackets/pants fit properly (test this out by sitting down also and moving around) and shirts/tops are steamed or pressed;

  4. Add interest in your dressing and consider if it is a pop of colour or perhaps a statement piece of jewellery or statement clothing piece.

Gone are the days when going for an interview meant pulling out your black or navy suit with a plain white shirt and you were just another number.  You have a limited opportunity to let your personality shine through, remember this is your personal brand.  Take the opportunity, if you haven't already, to consider what you want to say through your personal style, as it will continue to represent you once you leave the room.  

‘Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success.’ UNKNOWN


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