Styled for Success: Setting Style Goals for the Year Ahead

In this episode, Sonya discusses the importance of setting style goals for the year ahead. She emphasizes the need to reflect on your style journey, identify style aspirations, and refresh your wardrobe. Sonya also explores the balance between trends and timeless style and provides tips for setting actionable style resolutions. Finally, she highlights the connection between personal style and personal brand.


  • Take the time to reflect on your style journey and identify the times when you felt amazing in your outfits.
  • Set clear style aspirations for the year ahead to guide your outfit selections and choices.
  • Use the opportunity of a wardrobe refresh to declutter and curate your clothing, removing pieces that no longer align with your style aspirations.
  • Find a balance between incorporating trends and maintaining timeless style to keep your wardrobe fresh and aligned with your personal brand.
  • Set actionable style resolutions that will help you make meaningful changes in your style over the next few months.
  • Consider how your personal style can enhance and align with your personal brand, and leverage your style to further accelerate your brand. 




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