02: Boss Moves and Bold Style: Navigating Success with Vanessa Stoykov

Curious about finding harmony between your aspirations and style? This week, join me as I chat with Vanessa Stoykov on a captivating journey from financial journalist to the CEO of Evolution Media. Uncover her remarkable experiences with Carla Zampatti outfits and the enduring influence of a well-defined personal style. 

  • Vanessa underscores the dual power of personal style and brand as indispensable tools for career success, applicable to both genders in the business world.
  • Rather than succumbing to the pressure of constant reinvention, Vanessa advocates for the deepening and refinement of personal style over time, allowing it to mature into a recognisable and authentic signature.
  • Vanessa shares her impactful morning ritual, involving meditation music, calming scents, journaling, and wealth affirmations, providing a practical approach to self-care and empowerment for those with flexibility in their mornings.

Don't miss the chance to explore her candid storytelling and empowering advice, providing a roadmap for individuals looking to elevate both personal and professional presence. Tune in and discover Vanessa's transformative journey of self-discovery and style alignment.  Get ready to be inspired!

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