Maximising Wardrobe Value: Decoding Cost Per Wear & Unveiling Girl Math

In this episode, Sonya breaks down the concept of cost per wear, also known as "girl math." She guides listeners through the calculation process, urging them to assess their current wardrobe for underutilised pieces. Sonya emphasizes the financial impact of unused clothing and explores the reasons behind wardrobe neglect, from style evolution to impulse purchases. The episode concludes with a call to action, encouraging deliberate choices and a clear vision for personal style.


  • Cost per Wear Wisdom:
    • Understand and apply the concept to maximize the value of your wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe Inventory Check:
    • Identify and evaluate unused or rarely worn items in your existing wardrobe.
  • Financial Impact Awareness:
    • Recognize the untapped financial potential of underutilized clothing.
  • Clear Style Objectives:
    • Establish a clear objective and vision for your personal style to reduce impulse purchases and declutter.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Cost Per Wear and Girl Math
  • 00:58 The Concept of Cost Per Wear
  • 02:24 Considering Your Existing Wardrobe
  • 03:40 The Value of Unused Clothing
  • 05:04 Reducing Clutter and Decision Fatigue
  • 06:27 Evolution of Style and Brand
  • 07:56 Having a Clear Objective and Vision
  • 08:22 Conscious Purchases and Multiple Ways to Wear
  • 09:45 Conclusion


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