Challenging the Fintech Uniform: Finding Authentic Style with Amara Haqqani

In this episode of the Style and Strategy Podcast, I sit down with Amara Haqqani, who at the time of recording was the Chief Product and Operating Officer for Wealth at IRESS, bringing over 20 years of expertise in financial services. We delve into Amara's diverse career journey, from starting as a makeup artist to her executive leadership role within the technology firm, IRESS.

Key Points:

  • Authentic Leadership: Amara shares insights into her leadership style, emphasizing the power of authenticity and staying true to oneself in a corporate setting.
  • Evolution of Personal Style: From her roots in Melbourne to her experiences in North America, Amara discusses the evolution of her personal style, blending femininity with corporate elegance.
  • Navigating Tech and Finance: The challenge of balancing personal style in a tech-driven environment while respecting the conservative nature of financial clients is explored.

Join Amara and I in this empowering episode as we discuss the intersection of personal style, leadership, and navigating the dynamic landscape of tech and finance.

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