11: Beyond the Suit: Sonya's Personal Branding Exploration

In this intimate episode of the Style and Strategy Podcast, your host Sonya takes you on a personal journey, unveiling the transformative path from a corporate executive in financial services to becoming a passionate personal brand and style coach.

Key Points:

  • Early Passion for Fashion: Sonya reminisces about her high school days, where textile and design classes fueled her love for fabrics and sewing, laying the foundation for her passion for fashion.
  • Transition to Corporate World: Discover how Sonya's love for fashion took a back seat as she entered the corporate world, landing her first job in financial services, yet still holding onto her fondness for stylish suits.
  • Challenges of Motherhood and Corporate Life: Sonya shares the challenges of juggling motherhood and a full-time career, the emotional journey of parting with her beloved suits after pregnancy, and the struggle to find identity through corporate expectations.
  • Turning Points and Transformations: Explore the turning points in Sonya's career, from mentorship and development programs to a pivotal encounter at the Australian Style Institute, where the powerful connection between personal style and confidence became clear.
  • Mission to Empower Women: Learn about Sonya's mission to empower women by helping them rediscover their authentic selves through personal brand and style, drawing on her experience leading large teams and supporting female leaders.
  • Navigating Imperfections: Sonya reflects on her own journey of navigating imperfections, shedding light on the pressure of corporate perfectionism and the importance of embracing authenticity.
  • Empowering Professional Women: Sonya's transition to working with individual professional women is highlighted, emphasizing the multifaceted process of unlocking success through personal brand and style

Join Sonya in this deeply personal episode, gaining insights into her background, challenges, and the profound moments that shaped her transformation into a dedicated personal brand and style coach. Discover the empowering journey that led her to this transformative intersection of personal and professional empowerment.

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