20: Elevating Performance and Achieving Authentic Leadership with Vanessa Bennett

In this Style and Strategy Podcast episode, I sit down with Vanessa Bennett, CEO Next Evolution Performance, a global high-performance coaching business. We delve into her career journey, and how high-performance coaching for leaders became her passion.

Key Points:

  • Transition from Financial Services to Performance Coaching, Vanessa's move from financial services to performance coaching wasn't a drastic shift; both roles demanded high performance and a focus on targets.  The alignment with her passion for science and data in the coaching space led to her current role.
  • Brand Transition and Reputation Building, how Vanessa capitalised on the brand she built in financial services when transitioning to her own business.
  • Authentic Leadership and Personal Brand and how Authentic leadership is crucial, breaking away from corporate expectations. How the importance of being authentic and direct, allows leaders to achieve results without unnecessary second-guessing.

Join Vanessa and I in this empowering episode as we discuss the intersection of personal brand, leadership, and high performance.  Her insights into the impact of style, exercise, and mindset rituals provide valuable strategies for professionals looking to elevate their performance.

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