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When do you need a wardrobe makeover? Jan 10, 2023

4 Steps to your Post COVID wardrobe makeover 

The alarm clock goes off, you rollover and crawl out of bed, as you brush your teeth your brain starts to wake up - hold on something is different today.  Then it hits you, you remember, you are heading into the office today, and...

What does Interview dressing post Covid look like? Jan 10, 2023

So, we have finally started to move on from COVID lockdowns, and you can see the shift back into offices. However, there is a difference in the air. Most offices have moved to some form of hybrid working arrangements and business casual has now become the norm across many offices. What...

Holiday Packing Tips Jan 10, 2023

Summer Holiday Packing 

The smell of freshly cut grass and sunscreen, the drum of cicadas and a car filled to the brim, are all the sights and sounds that remind me of summer holidays. 

Everything slows down, and finally you get to appreciate the little things even more. ...

Christmas Day Dressing Dec 06, 2022

In what seems to creep up very slowly every year and then suddenly after Halloween, in a blink of an eye Christmas is almost here.  This year, no lockdowns or restrictions, it's back to what we have known, family, friends, an abundance of food, good conversations and of course an...

Shop my lookbooks Aug 25, 2022

Need some weekly personal styling and personal shopping inspriation? Take a closer look at my curated and shoppable lookbooks of simple outfits to take you from work to weekend, Get inspired here with colours, mixing and matching outfit tips and one of my most asked for look book the...

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