19: Solving Real Wardrobe Dilemmas with Activate

Today, I'm taking a unique approach to discuss common style and wardrobe challenges that many of my clients face. I'll delve into why I created the Activate program, designed to address these specific issues and help women redefine their wardrobe from work to weekend.

In This Episode, You'll Discover:

Common Wardrobe Challenges:

  •  The struggle of having a functional work wardrobe but feeling uninspired by weekend options.
  •  The anxiety of dressing for important meetings and events.
  •  How style evolution necessitates a wardrobe rethink as careers advance.

Why Activate?

  • Insight into why I designed Activate: to offer more than general style advice and provide lasting solutions tailored to modern professional women.
  • How Activate uniquely addresses the gap between personal style and professional growth through strategic wardrobe management.

Core Elements of Activate:

  • A breakdown of the Activate programmeā€™s approach to integrating personal brand with practical style techniques.
  • An overview of the six core modules of Activate, focusing on real-life applications and long-term style strategies.

Client Transformations and Testimonials:

  • Hear about the profound impact Activate has had on past participants, including transformation stories and feedback.
  • Learn how the programme has empowered women to feel confident and chic in their everyday lives.

Special Program Insights:

  • I share my personal journey in style and personal branding, which inspired the creation of Activate.
  • The importance of a personalised approach in fashion and style education.


Thank you for tuning in. Remember, style is not just about clothes; it's about reflecting who you are. Join me next time on Style and Strategy to continue exploring how style and strategy come together.

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